I've Always Been A Geek

I was a geek in high school and I went into college as an even bigger geek. The subjects I studied reflected that, being Computing, Physics, Maths, and Business Studies.

Getting Started In Web Design

I went into a Software & Web Development apprenticeship with a Warrington-based web agency, where I built and maintained hundreds of websites.

Starting A Business

After my apprenticeship, I wanted a new opportunity. So, I went into business with an old colleague to start a digital marketing agency. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.

A Bit Of Freelance

After I left that business, I started to offer freelance web design work for a few months. But, I wasn’t in a position to really get going.

In-House Digital Marketing

So, I took a bit of a step back and went into more training. I’ve gone back to learning about digital marketing as a whole at a local Warrington law firm. That’s where I’m up to now.

Web Design

A professional website is the foundation of a strong online presence and therefore of your digital marketing strategy. Get advice on website design and conversion optimisation.


Search Engine Marketing

An outstanding website is often the core of a digital marketing strategy, but you still need traffic. Let me help you sort out SEO and PPC strategies to generate that traffic.


Writing & Content

It's incredidibly important to have great copy in your marketing. Whether you need memorable copy, ordinary content, or something else entirely, I can help.