Hello. I'm Thomas.

Digital Marketer & Developer

Who Am I?

I’m Thomas. I currently work as an in-house digital marketer, but I come from a background of software and web development.

My career started in web design, as an apprentice, but that grew naturally into working in digital marketing as a whole. I do still enjoy web coding, though.

Digital Marketer & Web Developer
Search Engine Marketing SEO & PPC

What Do I Do?

Like I’ve said, I’m a digital marketer. So, I handle marketing in a local law firm, including managing the website, search engine optimisation (SEO), search ads (PPC), and social media ads.

I also write web copy, such as new blog posts, updated service page content, and social posts.

So, What Can I Do For You?

I don’t work in an agency, but I do like to help small, growing businesses get a handle on their online marketing. So, if you run a small business and are looking to expand your marketing, send me message and let’s have a chat.

I’m always happy to offer some general advice, and if we can highlight a specific way to improve your marketing, that’s even better.

Get Digital Marketing Advice

Web Design

A professional website is the foundation of a strong online presence and therefore of your digital marketing strategy. Get advice on website design and conversion optimisation.


Search Engine Marketing

An outstanding website is often the core of a digital marketing strategy, but you still need traffic. Let me help you sort out SEO and PPC strategies to generate that traffic.


Writing & Content

It's incredidibly important to have great copy in your marketing. Whether you need memorable copy, ordinary content, or something else entirely, I can help.

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