Thomas Broady | Digital Marketing Consultant, Web Developer, Copy Writer, Maker
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Digital Marketing Consultant, Web Developer, Copy Writer

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to email. Or, to discuss digital marketing, feel free to check out my freelance business: Broady Digital Media. Click the button below to see some of my work.

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Hello there, I’m Thomas. I am a digital marketer, web developer, and copy writer. At the moment, I work for a solicitor’s to handle their marketing. However, I still offer freelance digital marketing consultancy over at Broady Digital Media. There, I can advise on web design, SEO, social media presence, and overall marketing strategy online.

So, I build websites and online brands, such as Broady Digital Media or The Eerie Transmundane. I also write copy and content. That could be the pages on a website, or blog posts. Or, other marketing content.

I also make stuff. Some people also ask what it means to be a maker of stuff. Well, I craft things. That may be bookbinding, making keyrings, travel mug sleeves, or something else. I enjoy creating both at a computer and with my own two hands! While I’ve not shared a lot of my crafts yet, I do hope to soon. Why not check back soon for an update on that?

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If you have any questions, or want to chat about my work, please click the button below.